National Child Day is celebrated on November 20th each year. The theme of National Child Day this year is “Every Child Has the Right to Be Safe”. CBFRP felt it was the right day to release our new Abuse Prevention Poster. These statements have always been part of our understanding and practise when it comes to children; this poster and the policy that goes with it, state what we know and do.
The Conception Bay Family Resource Program is a non-profit, community based organization. We operate a variety of programs for families in our catchment area of Topsail to Makinsons. Our aim is to nurture, educate, and support the families of children from ages 0-6 years. We are guided by a volunteer Board of Directors which has parent representation, as well as representation from Eastern Health, CYFS, and community members.   Please take the time to review our website and program calendar and always feel welcome to drop by our main site or call us to get a better idea of what we can offer you and your family! The Discovery Den Playgroup and other programs, are offered FREE to families with young children.  Check the calendars to see which program will work best for your family. Our centres are in your communities! Come be a member of our family!

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