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Discovery Den – The Discovery Den Playgroup is a space for you and your child to come play, meet new friends, and learn new things. In our home-like atmosphere, explore a variety of toys and activities that allow your child to develop their skills and understanding of the world around them. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to meet other parents, share information, gather resources and find support. For children ages zero to six years of age.
Messy Munchkins – Let’s get messy! Here, your child will have the opportunity to explore different textures and materials that will ignite their senses. We get playful with paint, wild with water and goofy with goop, so dress appropriately! This program is targeted for children who are three to six years of age
Baby Bundles – For infants up to nine months of age, Baby Bundles provides a home-like setting for you to come discuss the joys and challenges of having a new baby with other parents/caregivers.  Meet new friends, find support, and share stories with others. Healthy snacks are provided.
Tiny Tots – A program for children from birth to three years of age. Infants and toddlers have a safe environment to explore age-appropriate toys, play with other children, and spend quality time with you. Healthy snacks are provided.
Kids Kreations – Let your child’s creativity flow in our Kids Kreations sign-up program for children ages three to six. Art supplies are provided for you and your child to work together on a craft. Cut, paste, make and create in an environment full of imagination and fun! Healthy snacks and social time included.
Family Fun Day – Come play and meet new friends at our Family Fun Day, where the whole family is welcome to join in on the fun!
Healthy Baby Club – Pregnant mothers are invited to become a part of our Healthy Baby Club. Connect with other mothers and receive nurturing, guidance and support. Learn about good nutritional practices and positive lifestyle choices. Please contact our Resource Mother, Vicki, for more information at 744-4621.
Eager Einstein’s – The Eager Einstein’s  sign-up program is designed to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for math and science. In this program, you and your child will explore various topics through fun, interactive, hands-on activities. Simple science experiments, captivating demonstrations, and science-themed activities will make up this 6-week program in a learn-through-play environment. Recommended for children ages three to six.
L.E.A.P. (Learning, Exploring, and Playing) – This sign-up program is for children ages four to six. Each week we will explore a theme (people, events, animals, places, etc.) through semi-structured activities. Your child will love discovering new things and making new friends in our hands-on learning environment. A nutritious snack and playtime is included.
Busy Bakers – Does your child enjoy baking and making? In this program, children will build basic kitchen skills as they work together to create something delicious! Following a new recipe each week, children take turns counting, measuring, mixing and pouring. This is a great way to boost confidence and develop an appreciation for trying new foods. This sign up program is recommended for children three to six years of age.
Speedy Sprouts –A program for children to get active and enjoy some healthy physical activity. Plenty of toys are provided in a large, open space for children to engage in active play. Speed along on a scooter, slam dunk a basketball, or skip across stepping stones. Your child will have a blast while developing their motor skills and making new friends! This program is for all ages.
Circle- Time Friends- This fun program consists of finger plays, rhymes, songs, activities and stories that will provide time for developing early literacy skills such as listening, speaking, singing, developing attention span, activities, learning new vocabulary, and more. This program is for ages 3-6 years old and parents/caregivers are required to stay with their child

Car Seat Safety

If you need well researched, current information about how to install your baby or child’s car seat correctly in your vehicle, see the link to the Kids in Safe Seats website.

U R a Parent

Eastern Health has a great new web site for parents. You can learn about child development and how to best meet the needs of your child through the stages of development.